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With tons of excess food discarded each year, we are globally facing a multitude of problems. The effects of food waste are significant, and not only from a social standpoint. Environmentally and economically, the impact of food waste is severely impacting each and every one of us. From billions of dollars ultimately ending up in the trash resulting from discarded food that never even makes it to a plate, to an excessive amount of methane gas fumigating into the air we are breathing, we can all conclude that this is a matter of concern.

At Markedible, we are embarking on a movement to be the solution to this ever growing problem. Through the use of our innovative online marketplace, businesses and individuals alike can connect with other businesses and individuals to sell, buy, donate, and exchange their food surplus. With e-commerce platforms becoming an increasingly favored way to obtain a diversity of goods, it only makes sense that this same convenient framework is also available for food surplus.

After close evaluation of the obstacles faced by both businesses and individuals searching for a place for their food surplus, the Markedible team realizes the time, effort, and liability involved in trying to prevent this food from ending up in the trash. With this in mind, we have intentionally developed a simplistic and user-friendly online platform to get you connected with others in your area quickly and securely.

Whether you are an individual with a bushel of grapefruits from your backyard, or a restaurant or grocery store with an overstock, Markedible is here to get you connected with others who are looking for exactly what you have. Join the Markedible movement today, and together we can fight hunger, save the environment, and stop throwing our dollars away!


For your convenience, our most frequently asked questions are answered here.

Basically, anything that is edible! All food and grocery products that meet quality and labeling standards required by federal, state and local laws and regulations.

Markedible is available wherever users have product available to buy, sell, or donate within the United States. Delivery and pick-up are determined by the connecting users, so really however far the users are willing to meet will determine the location that best works for each user.

For limited time, Markedible is inviting users to connect with others to buy, sell, or donate their food surplus at no cost.

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